2010 Conferences at Comic-Cons

Peter Coogan, Director of the Institute for Comics Studies here.  I’ll be announcing myself like that from now on because a new blogger is joining Comics Link, Andrew Edwards, who is the Assistant Director of ICS for Great Britain.  He’s representing ICS at the Possibilities and Perspectives Conference, held in conjunction with the Thought Bubble con in Leeds in November.

On to today’s post.  Today I completed three calls for participation for conferences or academic tracks to be held in conjunction with comic-cons next year, though in truth since each conference runs at more than one edition of each comic-con, really we’re talking about seven distinct events for next year.

The first is the Comics Arts Conference-Wonder Con (deadline 12/1/2009) on April 2-4, 2010.  The CAC-WC is not an Institute for Comics Studies production, but I’m the organizing chair of the CAC at the moment, so I’m going the CFP.  2010 is the fourth year for the Comics Arts Conference at Wonder Con.  The folks at Comic-Con International (which also runs the San Diego Comic-Con, Wonder Con, and the Alternative Press Expo) were so happy with the work we’ve done at Comic-Con that we all decided to expand to Wonder Con.  The submission site works for both CAC-WC and CAC-CCI (deadline March 1), so that’s two of the seven events for next year.

The next is the Comics Studies Conference-Chicago (deadline 12/1/2009) on April 16-18, held in conjunction with C2E2–the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, at  McCormick Place in Chicago.  This is a new conference put on by ICS, and we’ll be running a second set of sessions at the New York Comic-Con, October 8-10, 2010. The submission site works for both conferences (and all the ICS conferences), so that brings us to four of the seven events.

The final three are three Wizard World Universities, with WWU-Anaheim coming up first (submission deadline 12/1/2009) on April 16-18, then WWU-Philly on June 11-13 (deadline March 15, 2010), and WWU-Chicago on August 12-15 (proposal deadline 5/15, 2010), rounding out the total to seven.  Jason Tondro is acting as the WWU-Anaheim organizing and local chair. The same submission site works for all the WWU academic tracks.

But we still have one more!  The Dragon*Con Comics and Popular Culture Conference (Labor Day weekend, September 3-6, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia) is also an ICS production, run by Matt Brown.  I didn’t count this in the seven because I didn’t make a CFP for it today, but the ICS submission site works for it as well.

Over the next week I want to talk about the different visions each of these conferences or academic tracks has and how they relate to each other and to ICS’s mission.

See you on Friday!

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